2012 - 2015 - Project Putsebocht, Rotterdam
2001 - Karel Doormanhof 45, Rotterdam - permanent
The aim of the garden was to change the function of the square in front of the studio building of the Piet-Zwart Institute (Willem de Kooning Academy), Karel Doormanhof 45, Rotterdam. By rearranging the square it was intended to create the possibility for creating and exhibiting work, temporarily as well as permanently, so that it could become a meeting place for both participants and other artists. At the same time the present function of the space should be guaranteed. Fort he rearrangement of the square Saalfeld have chosen an allotment model. In order to create the possibility for everyone, who wants to, to use an allotment for a project. In principle everything is possible, of course this hast o happen in consideration with the users. By offering a structure only, the development of the garden will depend on the initiative of the users of the garden. A process that is not predictable, and will be changing, an organic process, like a garden.
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Merida, Mexiko

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